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Byngo has collected everything you need in one app, while accessible in the comfort of your home with easy payment options. You can choose one from various coach for private or group sessions. Get your first session for free to get better physically and mentally.



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Byngo helps you to find the most suitable coach, location and device independent.


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1. Create your account.
2. Byngo will provide you with selections of coaches of fitness, pilates, yoga, breath coaching, dietitians, family and child, life coaching, meditation, personal growth and psychiatry.
3. Find your coach, dietitian or psychiatrist to create your customized sessions.
4. Your Byngo account can also be synced with multiple devices to be accessible anywhere you want.
Byngo is for everyone! If you think you need help with getting in shape, lose some pounds by eating less or healthier, breathe your stress away, someone to help and guide yourself or your family Byngo is the app for you.
Shaping your life into a healthier one can be tough, but Byngo is here to help you. We will be happy to help you, lets get this done!
After creating an account with Byngo’s variety of categories you can choose your specialist by yourself. Start a conversation, ask questions and tailor your own sessions.
You can cancel your subscription anytime.

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Become one of the bygno coaches to reach millions of users globally and increase your visibility in the comfort of your home. While making extra revenue, you will also receive free marketing activities. It will be much easier to access your potential subscribers through byngo!
0% commission for 3 months then 15% commission after March!

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