Who is Bnygo Business for?

fitness Employees who would like to adapt to a healthy lifestyle.
yoga Employees who are in need of being social with their coworkers once again while working remotely.
plan Employees who wishes to improve their mental and/or physical health.
plan Employees who always wanted to be more active and healthy but haven’t figured out their interests.
plan Employees who doesn’t want to spend endless hours in the gym to get the personal help they need.

Customer Success Team

We’ll be with you every step of the way!

A dedicated account manager will be provided to help you with setting up the application and walk you through the features of the platform. Your account manager will be ready to address any requests from your team at all times via mail, phone or video call. Tech support will also be available while onboarding your employees to the platform.

They all loved Byngo

Awesome coaches you can't find locally especially during pandemic. Not only I am seeing so much difference, I am also very energetic during the day! ,,

Hailey D.

Marketing Executive
Literally, the best app I have ever tried! You don't work out with pre recorded videos. You book private sessions and interact with the coaches one on one! ,,

Ryan C.

I.T. Specialist
Free first session so you know it offers what you are looking for. I love the classes being live which makes its better to commit to your workout routine. ,,

Betty H.

Administrative Assistant
The variety of categories are great. Offers the flexibility of time and place to use the application and it is global so you meet with people all around. ,,

Claire Y.

Senior Auditor
What I love about Byngo is that I enjoy the app with my colleagues even if we live in different countries. Great way to stay in touch! ,,

Lizzie K.

Sales Specialist

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